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Haugum&Co was built on trading cultural native products from around the world. These ideas later lunched into 3 different production and wholesale companies mainly catering to the western markets. 

Today these companies are increasingly growing their presence in Asia meanwhile moving into online marketplaces and D2C strategies including strengthening the pallet of owned, earned and paid channels.

The group has 2 ventures in hospitality located in Denmark, one of them going back 30 years.


Business Model:

We secure steady returns and high growth in competitive markets that are increasingly intersecting into each other. We focus on the niche in the corner and putting the customer at the centre. The result is differentiated customer experiences across channels and their products and a high market share in each niche market.

Ethics anchor

Diversity and Ethics:

Not limited to the companies within our portfolio, we aim for broad diversity in our teams and management. Across the companies, we employ more than a hundred people with six different religions. More than 70 % of them are women as well as​ half of our top management. We export to about 30 countries from 4 destinations across Latin and Northern America, Asia, and Europe. 

We are working in a multinational, ethnical, cultural and religious environment. We embrace the differences and include the experiences in our services and products. We involve ourselves in the local communities and trust that our businesses make a positive change for everyone involved in our supply chain.

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