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Process and Support

We invest with more than just financials. The competitive advantage that companies attain when invested in by Haugum&Co is product and software development and international expansion at a scale normally outside the resources of early-stage companies.

Shared Ownership of Teams: Our international teams work with direct reference to the management of each company and takes ownership of their projects and continuous tasks like an in-house team would. 

Cash Injection and Equity

We often see that early funding is spent on new team members that no one has time to manage or marketing testing that often does not follow well-known PPC best practice. 

Therefore we ask the company to provide a budget of how the funding focuses on critical milestones that will bring the team to the next stage of the journey.

Haugum&Co mainly invests in early-stage organizations where our capabilities can make the largest impact on the companies growth. We aim for our equity to be placed in a diversified portfolio which supports our synergy across the supply chain strategy.

Cost-effective Development

Any company can beat the competition from being the most agile and fast in adapting its digital solutions to the constantly changing customer needs.

For early-stage companies, digital develpment is often a pitfall as it is expensive to have several skilled developers on payroll meanwhile building the product or service.

Therefore, with Haugum&Co all companies have access to the software developer team in Asia and other areas. This allows for domestic developers to outsource up to 80% of the manual coding and exceed their development plans month over month meanwhile doubling down on forecasted development costs.

Outsourced Production

Haugum&Co has production agents around the world with a specific focus on South Asia and Central America. These areas offer a diversified product, a central material sourcing position and low labour costs. See labour ethics.


Trust and experience is a key need when sourcing new suppliers for high volume one-time orders or continuous production. 

Companies within the Haugum&Co Group use our production agents to securely source the right supplier and an effective production and supply chain.

This includes designing and prototyping new developments on a continuous basis.

International Growth

Finding and employing talent with deep experience in each type of digital marketing skill (content/SEO, PPC, automation etc.) can quickly count for a large team of marketers.


Therefore companies often tend to use less experienced talent with a broader but not specialized skillset.


There are often marketing tasks that are vital to the international expansion and growth, but which are outside the experience of the core team.


These can be managed and optimized by our international native English speaking team of marketer specialists. Everyone has been hired based on a very specific skill within digital marketing and combines for a broad industry experience.

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