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The Team 

People: We work with inspiring people of various cultures and skills. Across the portfolio, we count more than 100 people and despite being separate companies, we work as one unit, using the synergies of various skills to accelerate success for all companies.
One office is a specialist in production partners in Asia and another specializes in marketing.
Internal Team & Consulting: On-demand, our internal team of production expertise, sales excellence and digital marketing specialist advice can carry go-to-market strategies, new channel development, and supply chain management for the companies within the Haugum&Co portfolio. The idea is to supply internal consulting and engage hands-on where it is requested by the portfolio companies. 

Haugum&Co Group Internal Consulting Team

Jostein Haugum


Erik Norberg

 Int. Chief marketing officer

Nadja Mortensen

County manager of Marketing & Social Media

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